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Moving to Bozeman: What Your Real Estate Agent Won't Tell You

Moving to Bozeman: What Your Real Estate Agent Won't Tell You

On Jun 16, 2020

We’ve seen a big spike of people looking to move to Bozeman recently, along with countless articles, Instagram posts, and real estate agents talking about how awesome it is to live here. It’s important to us to always keep it real, so we wanted to talk about what your real estate agent might not tell you when you are thinking of moving to Bozeman.

We recorded a podcast with Keegan Latta and Tyler Wilkinson to talk about what your real estate agent won't tell you when you're thinking of moving to Bozeman.

Podcast: Moving to Bozeman: What Your Real Estate Agent Won't Tell You

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1) Visitors Get a Favorable Impression of Bozeman

Peak tourist season in Montana is in the summer, which means all of those visitors are experiencing Montana at its best. When visitors fall in love with Montana, they might not realize what Bozeman is like the other 9 months of the year. Winter lasts a very long time around here, sometimes beginning in September and lasting through May. Even if you really love to ski, winters in Montana are very long and can be very, very cold.

2) Rush Hour Is Real. Kind Of.

Ok. Give us a minute on this one. We know that Bozeman’s traffic is nothing compared to most urban areas. But, if you have been here for a handful of years, you can't help but notice that the traffic is getting worse. So while it may not seem like much now, as Bozeman grows so will the traffic. After a couple of years in Montana, you might find yourself complaining about the congestion on the 19th.

3) Our Real Estate Market Is Crazy

According to two of our real estate agents Keegan & Tyler, many people underestimate how competitive Bozeman’s real estate market is. Especially now. Many people moving here make the assumption that Bozeman is still a sleepy mountain town, but that is far from the case. The competition in Bozeman’s real estate market is at an all-time high and in many cases, there is little wiggle room for negotiating.

4) Living “Outside of Town” Doesn’t Mean Living in a Suburb

Many people moving to Bozeman from larger areas are used to a hefty commute. They have no problem driving 45 minutes to get to work each day, and when they start looking for homes they expand their search to that distance outside of Bozeman. But what they don’t realize is that Bozeman doesn’t sprawl the same way other cities do. There is a mountain pass that separates Bozeman from Livingston on one side, and plenty of wide-open space that separates us from Manhattan and Three Forks on the other side. The other thing they don’t realize is that many of these smaller towns are still just that, small Montana towns. Most of these smaller towns do not have the type of amenities many people might expect.

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