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How Much do Homes Cost in Belgrade, MT

How Much do Homes Cost in Belgrade, MT

On Jun 06, 2024

A home in Belgrade costs $545,900 as of June 2024.

This price is the median sold price of all single-family homes, condos, and townhomes in the Belgrade area. The median sold price for each type of home is broken down below.

Median Price of a Single-Family Home in Belgrade


Median Price of a Townhome in Belgrade


Median Price of a Condo in Belgrade


This data comes from the Big Sky Country MLS.


While Belgrade real estate prices are still lower than in Bozeman, Belgrade's home prices have been steadily rising. While a market report gives you a snapshot of what homes cost in Belgrade, it won't give you a clear picture of what is actually on the market. To get a snapshot of Belgrade's current real estate market, we've put together this list of homes currently for sale in Belgrade at all different price points. Click here to see all homes for sale in Belgrade, MT.

Belgrade Real Estate Information

Under $450,000

In this price range, you will mostly find condos and manufactured homes in Belgrade, Montana. Since homes in this price range are hard to come by when they come on the market they tend to go under contract quickly. Most are homes in town or one of the newer developments northwest of downtown Belgrade.

$450,000 - $650,000

In this price range, you will find a mix of multi and single-family homes in Belgrade, Montana. There are several subdivisions where it is common to see homes at this price point in Belgrade such as Prescott Ranch and Meadowlark Ranch. It is also common to find homes in the downtown Belgrade vicinity to see homes in this price range. 

$650,000 - $850,000

In this price range, you will find mostly single-family homes. There has been a lot of new construction recently in Belgrade especially in subdivisions such as Prescott Ranch, or Ryen Glenn, both of which have homes in this price range. 

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$850,000 - $1,000,000

If you are looking for larger homes in Belgrade, this is the price range you will want to be in. For homes between $850,000 and a million, we start to see larger lots, larger homes, and potentially more outbuildings offered with properties. Landmark and Ryen Glenn often have homes for sale in this price range. 

$1,000,000 +

When you start looking in Belgrade, Montana at homes over a million dollars you find properties with acreage, usually on the outskirts of town. There is still a lot of farmland with ranches in this area and when they come on the market, they often fall at this higher price point. The Springhill/Sypes Canyon area is a popular part of the valley to live in and many of these homes are within Belgrade city limits. 

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All statistics and prices are courtesy of the Big Sky Country MLS.

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