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Homes for Sale Near Downtown Belgrade

Homes for Sale Near Downtown Belgrade

On Apr 04, 2018

As Bozeman continues to grow, more and more people are making their way toward the surrounding area. With Belgrade only 8 miles away it's a logical place for growth and there is a lot to love. It's a smaller community that has a growing downtown scene with charming homes and parks nearby. Many of the homes near downtown Belgrade have a similar historical vibe we all love about Bozeman but at a much more affordable price!

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307 Quaws Blvd
4BD l 2BA l 2,268 sq.ft

210 N Kennedy Street
3BD l 3BA l 1,528 sq.ft

105 E Southview
4BD l 2BA l 1,710 sq.ft

904 New Mexico
5BD l 4BA l 3,357 sq.ft

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