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Where to Buy a Home with a View in Bozeman

Where to Buy a Home with a View in Bozeman

On Jan 09, 2024

One of the best things about Bozeman is that no matter which direction you look, there are mountains in the distance. The Gallatin Valley is flanked by four mountain ranges, the Bridgers, the Gallatin Range, the Madison Range, and the Tobacco Roots. With mountains everywhere, it isn't hard to find a home with a view in Bozeman. 

Bridger Mountain Foothills

Nothing says close to the mountains like being nestled in the foothills of Bozeman's most prominent mountain range. Not only do the homes in this area have views of the Bridger Mountains to the east, but they often have incredible views of the Tobacco Roots and Madison Range towards the west as well. 

South of Town

If you head south of Bozeman, the city turns into farmland and views of the mountains really open up. Many of the homes in this area face towards the Bridger Mountains but there are still great views of the Gallatin Range, Madison Range, and Tobacco Roots as well. Not all of the subdivisions in this area boast mountain views, but we have picked a few of our favorites below. For a list of all the homes for sale on the south side of Bozeman, click here

Up on the Hills

While it is surrounded by mountains, the city of Bozeman is nestled in a valley that is quite flat. Excluding the foothills of the surrounding mountain ranges, there are just a few hills that offer an elevated view of Bozeman and the surrounding mountain ranges. These hills run along the eastern edge of the city, and of course, many homes have been constructed in this area to take advantage of the views. 

Bridger Canyon

Located on the east side of the Bridgers, the homes in Bridger Canyon are some of the most quintessential Montana homes in the valley. The homes for sale in this area are often large, rustic-style homes with, of course, beautiful views of the Bridger Mountains. This is a great location for those looking for a more rural setting, while still being close to Bozeman. Bonus: Bridger Bowl is practically a neighbor, making this a great location for anyone who loves to ski!

If you are looking for a home with a view in Bozeman and you don't see anything on this list that will work for you, please let us know! We would be happy to help you with your search. 


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