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Best Campgrounds Near Bozeman Montana

Best Campgrounds Near Bozeman Montana

On May 07, 2018

Camping is one of our favorite ways to spend a summer weekend in Montana. Whether you set-up camp by a lake, nestled in the trees or on the banks of a river, you know it’s summer in Montana when you’re sitting around the campfire. So where are the best places to camp in and around Bozeman? Here are the best campgrounds near Bozeman, Montana.

Hyalite Canyon

Known as “Bozeman’s Backyard”, Hyalite Canyon is where many of us go when we are looking for a campsite close to town. Located just 20 minutes south of town, Hyalite is the perfect escape with tons of hiking trails, fishing on Hyalite Creek and of course, the beautiful Hyalite Reservoir.

There are three major campgrounds in Hyalite Canyon, all with water and outhouse services. Langhor Campground is approximately 5 miles up the canyon and offers 19 campsites nestled along the banks of Hyalite Creek. Another 4.5 miles up the canyon will bring you to the north end of Hyalite Reservoir, following the road as it wraps around the east side of the reservoir will bring you to Hood Creek Campground. Hood Creek is the largest of all Hyalite Campgrounds with 25 sites plus a group site and 3 picnic areas. One mile further up the road you will find Chisholm Campground with 10 campsites. It’s a stunning setting on the banks of the reservoir where you can enjoy paddle boarding, canoeing, and fishing. A handful of these sites can be reserved but many are first come first serve.

Bridger Mountains

Another great camping option close to Bozeman are the Bridger Mountains. With amazing views and many hiking trails, this is a great place to set-up camp for the weekend. There are two campgrounds in the Bridger Mountains, the Battle Ridge Campground and Fairy Lake Campground. Located just over five miles north of Bridger Bowl, the Battle Ridge Campground has 13 first come, first serve sites. There are no water services here and no trash pickup so what you bring in, you better bring out!

One mile north of Battle Ridge, you will find the turnoff to Fairy Lake Campground on the left. Be prepared for a tough 6 ½ mile ride up to the campground. This road is notoriously rough, on both your car and your nerves, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! When you do get there, you’ll find 9 campsites, water services but no trash pickup. Fairy Lake itself is just a short walk from the campground and it is beautiful! This is also the starting point for a hike to Sacajawea Peak.

Gallatin Canyon

If you’re up for an adventure, Gallatin Canyon is the perfect place to set-up camp. There are hiking trails leading to waterfalls, lakes, and peaks, world-class fishing on the Gallatin River, class III rapids to raft or kayak, and many rock faces to climb.

The Greek Creek Campground is 24 miles from Four Corners, just off highway 191. There are 15 campsites available and water, toilets and trash collection are provided. Head one mile south on 191 and you will see the turnoff for Swan Creek Campground. Just one mile ahead, Swan Creek campground has 12 sites, toilets, drinking water and trash collection. Back on highway 191, another mile south will lead you to Moose Creek Campground on the banks of the Gallatin River. Here you will find 14 campsites, toilets, water and trash pick-up.


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