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14 Best Things About Bozeman

14 Best Things About Bozeman

On Feb 21, 2018

There are a lot of things that make Bozeman one of the best places to live, whether it's the trails, brewery views or the annual Ridge Run, we've all got things that we love about our beautiful mountain town. So what are the very best things about Bozeman? Here's our list.

Views from the Bridger Ridge

If you’ve ever stood on the ridge of the Bridger Mountain range, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. No matter what peak you stand on, the spine of this mountain range is just so impressive. With the Crazy Mountains to the east, the sprawling Gallatin Valley to the west and the Absaroka’s, Gallatin, Madison & Tobacoo Root Mountains in the distance, it’s hard to beat views like this.

Community Gardens

We just happen to think that Bozeman’s community gardens are the coolest thing ever. How great is it that these spaces are available to people who don’t have yards of their own? Do yourself a favor and take a walk through the community gardens, you’ll have fun guessing the different types of plants and vegetables and it’s’ always fun to strike up a conversation with some of the gardeners! Who knows, it might even inspire you to start your own garden!

Map Brewing Patio

Winter, spring, summer or fall, Map Brewing is one of the best places to grab a beer Bozeman. But if there’s sunshine, you’ll find half of Bozeman on the Map Brewing patio, soaking up the rays, delicious beer and incredible Bridger mountain views. What we love most about the Map patio is no matter how busy it is, you can always sprawl out on the grass, play with the dogs that have accompanied their owners and if you’re up for it, go for a swim in the Bozeman pond.

Art Walk

Art Walk is one of the coolest events put on by the Downtown Bozeman Association. Nearly all the downtown businesses take part, featuring art and other creations from local artists while they welcome visitors with drinks, snacks and sometimes live music. The sidewalks fill with people making their way through the shops, galleries, bars and restaurants while musicians take post on the street corners and benches. It’s one of those events when it feels like downtown has really come to life, and on a beautiful summer evening there’s nothing better!

The Ridge Run

This one sets apart the boys from the men, the women from the girls. As one of the most technical trail runs in the U.S, this race is nearly 20 miles of brutal climbing and descending up and down the spine of the Bridger Mountain Range. The good news for the runners is that while they climb 6,800 feet and descend 9,500 they’ve got views the whole way. The coolest thing about the Ridge Run? Bob Hayes. He’s the 82 year old man who completed this rugged race in 2009. Photo credit: www.winddrinkers.org.

The Rialto

These days in Bozeman, The Rialto is basically the coolest thing since sliced bread. After two years of construction they opened their doors in early 2018 and have since filled their stage with a wide variety of talented musicians. The well thought out concert space is sleek and intimate, creating the perfect environment for enjoying a show. We just love how this space has been brought back to life and can’t wait to see all the talent that will come across this stage! Photo credit: www.rialtobozeman.com

Main Street to the Mountains

Can we get a big collective THANK YOU to the Gallatin Valley Land Trust for creating this awesome network of Bozeman trails? This trail system winds its way all the way through town connecting parks, neighborhoods, creeks and ponds and eventually leading straight to the mountains. You can hop on the trails for a quick evening stroll, a morning run, or spend an entire day meandering through all the beautiful places this trail will take you.

Forest Service Cabins

Is there anything better than a weekend spent tucked away in a cabin in the mountains? Lucky for us, there are dozens of forest service cabins within a short drive of Bozeman and they are all pretty awesome. Mystic Lake cabin sits on the southeastern shore of Mystic Lake where you can spend your days fishing for rainbow & cutthroat trout. The Garnet Mountain Lookout is perched on the top of Garnet Mountain with panoramic views in every direction. The Maxey Cabin is tucked away just past Hyalite Reservoir and is the perfect base for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing or swimming, depending when you go! The only trick here is actually getting your hands on a reservation, these cabins often get snatched up the minute reservations open. Photo credit: www.cynthia-stcharles.blogspot.com

SLAM Festival

Only a few years old, Bozeman’s SLAM festival has become a huge hit in Bozeman. Each year in early August, artists from all over Montana set-up post in Bogart Park while performers hit the stage, food vendors line the street and Montana made spirits & brews start to flow. It’s’ the perfect place to set-up a lawn chair, hang with family and friends while enjoying all the Montana made awesomeness & talent on display. Photo credit: www.livelytimes.com


Local restaurants new and old are making brunching more or less a sport in Bozeman. Whether you’re going for the mimosas at Cateye, the scrambles at Nova, the pancakes at Jam, or the eggs benedict at Little Star Diner, you could spend months chasing down all the best breakfasts in Bozeman. That’s a sport we can get behind!

Bozeman Public Library

Call us nerds or bookworms or whatever, the Bozeman Public Library is totally awesome. This beautiful building is filled with windows looking towards the mountains & Lindley Park. Even if you don’t go for the books, grab yourself a drink at the Lindley Perk and just go for the peace & quiet. When you’re done inside, take a walk on the trails leading towards Peets Hill and enjoy all the unique sculptures on the way.

The Climbing

No matter the season, Bozeman is a climbing mecca and we think that’s pretty awesome. With hundreds of routes throughout the valley and the surrounding area, you’ll find some of the best in Hyalite and Gallatin Canyon. When the snow starts falling, Hyalite becomes the place to be for ice climbing with more than 150 routes in just 3 square miles.


No secret here, the caffeine scene in Bozeman is on point. With dozens of locally owned coffee shops, a handful of roasters and hundreds of delicious cups of coffee served every day, everyone has a favorite even though it’s hard to choose just one! Check out our list of the best coffee shops in Bozeman here.

The Trails

Whether you’re going for a post-work hike up the M, mountain biking Leverich Canyon or bagging peaks, Bozeman’s got a whole lot of trails, and we love every single one. In Bozeman you can drive for 20 minutes and find yourself at trailheads that follow creeks, lead to waterfalls, meander through the woods or go straight up the face of a mountain. We like having options and Bozeman’s trails give us plenty.


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