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Homes for Sale in Belgrade, MT

Homes for Sale in Belgrade, MT

On May 11, 2023

Belgrade is often the first place people look to as an affordable alternative to living in Bozeman.  Located just 11 miles apart, many people wonder what could possibly be so different about Bozeman and Belgrade. The character of the two towns is very different, but Belgrade has a strong community and is making many improvements to its infrastructure along with developing some great new neighborhoods!

Homeowners in Belgrade enjoy significantly lower housing costs than in Bozeman along with great schools, mountain views, and abundant parks and recreational areas. With a population of approximately 8,300, Belgrade has 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. The Yellowstone International Airport is located just outside of town and is bringing significant growth to the area. Click here to see how much homes cost in Belgrade. 

Here is a list of homes currently for sale in Belgrade at all price points.  

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