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9 New Businesses in Bozeman

9 New Businesses in Bozeman

On Jan 28, 2020

1. Freshies

Freshies will be taking over part of the space that was Sola Café on Bozeman’s south side. The café will be “fast-casual” and will offer soup, salads, baked goods and sandwiches. They will be utilizing the existing drive-through to offer grab-and-go breakfast & lunches! Inside, they will also have a coffee bar and seating for those who would like to stay and eat. Freshies is expected to open in March 2020. Photo credit: www.facebook.com/freshiesb

2. Barefoot

One of Bozeman’s long-standing businesses, Shirtworks, quietly moved out of their downtown location this month while a new business, Barefoot Campus Outfitters took its place. The Texas-based apparel shop is new to Bozeman and will be selling Montana State University apparel along with tourist apparel like Bozeman t-shirts and Montana hats. You can find them downtown at 131 W Main Street. Photo credit: Ryan Berry, Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

3. Tanoshii

Details are scarce on this new Bozeman business but here’s what we know: Tanoshii will be in the old Corx Wine location downtown, just next to the Rocky Mountain Toy Company. The only details so far come from a sign posted in the window and a very vague Instagram page. We can assume that Tanoshii will be a Japanese restaurant, but that’s all we know. Stay tuned!

4. Salchicha

One of the newest stores to open in The Market at Ferguson Farm is Salchicha, a “modern mercantile” shop with a great variety of products to give as gifts or take home for yourself. They carry a beautiful selection of clothing, beauty products, home goods and more. This is the kind of place that just makes you happy the minute you walk in! Photo credit: https://www.shop-salchicha.com/.

5. Voormi

Since we mentioned them in our last post, Voormi, the Colorado-based outdoor apparel company has opened for business downtown in the old Sundog Fine Art Gallery space. They sell high-quality base layers, outerwear, socks and more for all the things Bozemanites love like fishing, skiing, hiking, and hunting. Go check them out at 17 E Main Street! Photo credit: www.facebook.com/voormi

6. Asian Food Kitchen

The Asian Food Kitchen recently opened its doors to serve sushi, nigiri, sashimi, ramen, fried rice, and noodles. They are located at 105 E Main Street across the street from Heebs Grocery Store. Their space is cozy but light & bright. We recommend the ramen and the calamari. Enjoy! Photo credit: Asian Food Kitchen.

7. Hokkaido Ramen House

Taking the place of the old SC2 Natural Kitchen, Hokkaido Ramen House is now open, and it’s delicious! They focus on ramen but also serve a wide variety of appetizers, some sandwiches and a selection of sushi rolls. You can find them in the same building as City Brew & Verizon just across from Kohls.

8. Red Sugar Dim Sum

According to their website, Red Sugar Dim Sum will be Montana’s first Chinese style breakfast restaurant. If you get tired of waiting in line at Jam, head right next door and check it out! Red Sugar Dim Sum is taking over the space that was most recently Bisl Food at 33 West Main Street. They will be opening on February 1st. Photo credit: Red Sugar Dim Sum.

9. Alpaca Land

Alpaca is another new business in The Market at Ferguson Farm. As the name suggests, they are selling Alpaca wool products like scarves, socks, and blankets. This would be a great place to go gift shopping!


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