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8 New Businesses in Bozeman

8 New Businesses in Bozeman

On Feb 03, 2021

Bozeman is booming in more ways than one. Despite the pandemic, we saw a number of new businesses open their doors in Bozeman last year and that trend is continuing as we head into 2021. Here's a list of the newest businesses in Bozeman.

#1 Crumbl Cookies

This new Bozeman business has been the talk of the town! Everyone seems to love the cookies here, and it’s easy to see why. They have tons of cookie flavors that change every week along with “crumbl cream” ice creams. You can have your Crumbl cookies delivered, shipped or pick them up curbside. This is one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S right now, with 120 stores in 26 states. Photo credit: kulr8.com.

#2 Glove Green Beauty

With a location right on Main Street, Glove Green Beauty is selling a wide selection of high-end, clean beauty products. They offer complimentary skin consultations and samples so that you can find the perfect products for your skin. They are located just south of Blackbird on the corner of Bozeman Ave and Main Street.

#3 MōKA Montana

MōKA Montana has taken place of Bozeman’s long-standing clothing boutique The Root. This much-loved clothing store on Main Street in downtown Bozeman is still selling the funky fashion that The Root was known for, just under a different name! They have a new selection of clothes and are running all kinds of sales to celebrate their new name. Go check it out!

#4 Albertanos Mexican Food

Bozeman can never have enough Mexican restaurants! Albertano’s Authentic Mexican food is located on North 7th Avenue, in the old Bobcat Burger location just behind the GranTree Conoco. They have a huge fast-food style menu with over 100 items like all-day breakfast burritos, tacos, nachos, combo plates, and breakfast plates. The best part about Albertano's? They have a drive-through! Photo credit: Albertano’s Authentic Mexican Food.

#5 Mazevo Coffee

Four Corners has long been in need of a good hang out spot, and Mazevo Coffee is the perfect place! Located in the new building at 7715 Shedhorn Drive (just east of the Korner Klub), this Montana based coffee company has a beautiful space for you to enjoy with huge windows, couches, and plenty of workspaces. They roast their coffee in-house, and we hear it's delicious! Photo credit: Facebook.com/Mazevocoffee.

#6 Blended Smoothies & Shakes

All the Bozeman High Hawks out there will love this one! Blended, a new smoothie shop has opened just across the street from the High School on Main Street. They are selling a variety of smoothies, protein shakes, and acai bowls along with grab-and-go snacks like protein-infused baked goods, Keto fat snacks, and protein balls. Photo credit: Facebook.com/Blended-Smoothie-Shakes.

#7 SporeAttic

If you are a mushroom fan, you are going to love this new Bozeman business. SporeAttic is a new local business that is growing and selling specialty mushrooms right here in Bozeman! Their facility is located at the Three Hearts Farm where they sell their mushrooms once a week at the Friday farm stand. If you love supporting our local food producers, then check out Spore Attic. Photo credit: SporeAttic.

#8 Jugo Bar Mexico

Out in 4 Corners, a new Mexican juice bar has opened up serving smoothies, vegetable and fruit juices, milkshakes and more. A look at their menu shows all types of tropical fruit juices and smoothies, it’s the perfect taste of summer during these long Montana winters! Photo credit: Jugo Bar Mexico Bozeman


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