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5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Ennis, MT

5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Ennis, MT

On Jun 10, 2022

Ennis is a small Montana town that has been gaining popularity as an option when people are looking at Bozeman's surrounding areas. If Ennis is on your list, here are some things to consider before making a move!

1. You could commute to Bozeman, but you may not want to!

If you are moving to Montana from a big city, an hour commute is no big deal. However, the drive from Bozeman to Ennis is not for the faint of heart, especially during winter! It is a curvy, two-lane highway and Norris Hill can be sketchy in a snow storm. If that doesn't bother you, then Ennis is a great choice for living and commuting to Bozeman. It is a beautiful drive with views of the mountains and the Madison River. Plenty of people do it every day but it is something to take into consideration if you are thinking of moving to Ennis. Photo credit Great Falls Tribune

2. It's a fisherman's dream

If you like to fish, Ennis is the place to be! With the Beaverhead River, Jefferson River, Ruby River, Big Hole, and of course the Madison River all nearby there is no lack of places to go. The Madison is the most well-known as a blue-ribbon trout fishing river and it runs right through the town of Ennis. If you are new to town there are several fishing guide companies to help you get familiar with the area and where to go. There is also a kids fishing pond at the Lions Club Park. The stocked pond is for kids under 12 and is a great spot to get them started! Photo credit Great Falls Tribune

3. It can be touristy

Like much of Montana, Ennis gets its fair share of tourists. Its proximity to Yellowstone National Park, plus excellent fishing and hunting brings in seasonal tourists, especially during the summer months. There are more than a dozen fly fishing guide companies for a town of under 1,000 just to give you an idea of the number of tourists that visit here! This brings in seasonal work to locals and keeps the town thriving. They have a vibrant downtown and a lot of this is because of the visitors.

4. They are big on community

Ennis is a small, tight-knit community. They have a number of organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Lions Club, and the Madison Valley Woman's Club that support the community and folks that live there. Annual events are a big part of living in Ennis. There is the Tap into Ennis Brew & Spirit Festival in the spring that supports the local breweries and distilleries as well as restaurants. Fourth of July brings a huge celebration with a parade, rodeo, car show, and fireworks. There is a Hunters' Feed Wild Game Chili Cookoff in the fall and don't forget about their annual Christmas Stroll! Photo credit Wikipedia

5. There is plenty to do

For a small town, there is no lack of things to do in Ennis! Their adorable Main Street has cafes, restaurants, shops, art galleries, and some real old west saloons. There's a bowling alley, movie theater, golf course, not to mention the endless outdoor activities. Fishing, floating, camping, hunting, hiking, we could go on and on. Ennis is located in an ideal spot for day trips. Bozeman is about an hour away, Yellowstone National Park is 70 miles, and historic Virginia City is only 15 minutes away. Click here for more ideas.


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