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5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Big Sky, Montana

5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Big Sky, Montana

On Mar 24, 2022
1. Shopping is limited

Big Sky is booming, but when it comes to basic amenities like grocery stores & shopping your options will be limited. Roxy’s Market is the main grocery store in Big Sky. They have all the basics along with a deli. But because Big Sky is an isolated ski town, the prices are higher than average. If you are looking to stock up on groceries while keeping your budget in check, your best bet is to make the drive to Bozeman. Photo credit: Rotherham Construction.

2. The drive is no joke

Speaking of making the drive to Bozeman, the road between Big Sky and Bozeman is notoriously dangerous. A 30-mile stretch of busy two-lane highway winds its way through Gallatin Canyon to connect Bozeman and Big Sky. With little to no shoulder, heavy semi-traffic, and wildlife, this road is tricky to travel. If you are traveling in the winter, add low visibility and icy roads to the list. Thousands of workers make the drive between Big Sky and Bozeman each day, but if you are living in Big Sky you will probably want to avoid the daily drive. Photo credit: www.kbzk.com.

3. It’s an outdoor enthusiasts dream

Big Sky is known for its skiing, but it also offers incredible mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, rafting and fishing. In the summer, Big Sky Resort offers lift service to over 20 miles of mountain biking trails and there are at least a dozen other nearby trails that are great for biking and hiking. Gallatin Canyon is a popular destination for rock climbing with routes for all levels. And the nearby Gallatin River offers world-class trout fishing along with a wide variety of whitewater for rafting or kayaking.

4. Housing prices are high

As a resort ski town, real estate prices in Big Sky are incredibly high. The median price of a home in Big Sky was $4,940,942 as of July 2022. Click here to find out how much homes cost in Big Sky, Montana right now. The Big Sky Community Housing Trust has been working hard to provide affordable housing for the local workforce, but it is nearly impossible to satisfy the demand for affordable housing in Big Sky. The high price of real estate combined with very low inventory means rentals are scarce. A quick search tells us that rentals in Big Sky are going for nearly $1,000 per room, and there aren’t many of them. Click here to see all homes for sale in Big SkyPhoto credit: Zillow.com.

5. Big Sky is growing fast

Big Sky has seen major changes in the last several years, and it’s not expected to slow down any time soon. According to the Big Sky 2025 plan, the goal is to transform the small town of Big Sky into a world-class, year-round mountain destination and from what we can tell, that plan is well underway. The Big Sky Town Center seems to be a hub of construction activity. The Wilson Hotel was recently completed along with the mixed-use Plaza Lofts building. Future plans include a potential bowling alley and night club. Up the mountain, a $416 million ultra-luxury resort project called the Montage Big Sky is the first five-star resort in Montana and includes 150 guestrooms and 39 residences. Photo credit: Nishkian Monks.


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