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5 Things You Need to Know About Buying a Home in Bozeman in the Winter

5 Things You Need to Know About Buying a Home in Bozeman in the Winter

On Nov 19, 2022

1. It’s less competitive

Spring and summer are peak times for Bozeman’s real estate market. Many homes see multiple offers and are under contract within a few days of hitting the market. As winter sets in, Bozeman’s real estate market slows down. Many potential homebuyers are not able to move during a school year or are settling down for the holidays making home buying in Bozeman much less competitive. This year we are seeing the usual winter slow down, as well as a market correction in Bozeman after two wild years of real estate!

2. There are fewer homes to choose from

While it may be less competitive, there are fewer homes to choose from if you are looking for a home over the winter. The majority of homeowners put their homes on the market in the spring to take advantage of the peak real estate season. It’s not uncommon to see the number of homes for sale decrease by more than 25% between summer and winter, giving you fewer homes to choose from. The one difference this year is after the slump in inventory during 2020-2021 we are finally seeing more homes come on the market.

3. Sellers are motivated

If you are looking for a home over the winter, you will likely find motivated sellers. With fewer buyers home shopping, homes listed during the winter see less action. Sellers may be motivated to move by the end of the year or might lower their asking price to adjust to the slower market. Either way, chances are you will have more wiggle room when it comes to negotiating over the winter.

4. See past the snow

It’s hard to imagine warm summer nights on your new back patio or stunning mountain views when all you can see is flying snow. But we promise summer does eventually come back in Bozeman and all the things you loved about your new home in the winter you will love even more in the summer! So, while you are house shopping, do your best to imagine how you will enjoy that hot tub on a summer evening or how beautiful that backyard will look when all the trees are in bloom.

5. Things move faster

Buying a home in the slow season means you may see a faster response from appraisers, contractors, and service workers. The entire process, from getting pre-approved for your home loan, to waiting for an appraisal, to getting fresh paint on the walls will likely move faster over the winter.

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