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In this guide to moving to Livingston, Montana we answer questions like what is the cost of living in Livingston? Can you live in Livingston and work in Bozeman? What is the commute like? How much do homes cost? What are the transportation options? We talk about the different neighborhoods, recreational opportunities, jobs in Livingston, healthcare, and education, along with the best restaurants, breweries, and bars.

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We've written many posts on our blog about Livingston, Montana. Here are a few you might find helpful. 

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See all the subdivisions in the Livingston area. Find out more about the neighborhoods, covenants and what is nearby. 

Find out more about what makes Livingston a special place to live. Learn the differences between living in Livingston and Bozeman, what there is to do in the town and how what the real estate market looks like. 

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