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Are you thinking about moving to Manhattan, Montana?

Gallatin County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation and while Bozeman gets most of the attention, more people are looking to Manhattan for its small-town charm! You probably have questions, like what do people do for work? How's the commute to Bozeman? How much lower is the cost of living in Manhattan?  How are the schools? In our guide to moving to Manhattan, we answer all those questions and more. Fill out the form below to access the free guide.  

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How Much do Homes Cost in Manhattan, Montana

Manhattan home prices are closer to Bozeman than other surrounding towns. One reason for this is the number of single-family homes rather than condos and townhomes. So, what do homes cost in Manhattan? This article will give you an idea of home prices in all price ranges.

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6 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Manhattan, Montana

Manhattan is a small town, 25 minutes from Bozeman. They are an agricultural centered community that has maintained its charm, despite the growth happening in the Gallatin Valley. If you are considering buying a home in Manhattan, here are some things you should know! 

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Manhattan Community Page

Here you will find all the properties currently for sale in Manhattan, the price of homes for sale in Manhattan, Manhattan subdivisions, open houses in Manhattan, and much more!

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Learn more about the real estate market in south west Montana.

How Much Do Homes Cost in Manhattan, Montana

What homes cost at various price points in Manhattan Montana...

6 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Manhattan, Montana

Manhattan Montana is only 25 minutes from Bozeman and offers tons of small-town charm! Here are things to know when considering a move to Manhattan Montana....

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