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Guide to Bozeman’s Best Food Trucks

Guide to Bozeman’s Best Food Trucks

One thing that has gained a ton of popularity in Bozeman these past couple of years is food trucks!  At first you would see one or two around town, usually at the farmers market or a Music on Main event.  Slowly, more began popping up and now it’s hard to keep track of them!  It’s not just food trucks getting in on the scene, Bozeman also has a mobile fashion truck that makes its rounds throughout town.  Because it's hard to know what each of these food trucks has to offer we thought we’d put together a list of what they have and where you can usually find them (they are mobile after all!)  Here they are, in no particular order. 


This is one of the first food trucks to make its way to Bozeman and lucky for all of us has stuck around for so long!  Their tacos and burritos are awesome and unique.  Pick your meat and your style…anything from Asian to BBQ.  They can often be found throughout Bozeman for lunches and at the Livingston Farmers' Market's this summer.   We would suggest trying the Thai curry style tacos and don't miss out on the mac & cheese!  Keep an eye on their Facebook page to find out where they are!

El Rodeo

Everyone’s favorite taco truck!  El Rodeo doesn’t look fancy and you won’t find it moving around to downtown events.  What you will find is an authentic taco truck with amazing food, great prices and a line of eager people in the parking lot of the Dollar Tree store off of Main Street.  This is an office favorite around here, if you haven’t been there you really need to add it to your list.  They also have a location in the mall so you can still get your El Rodeo taco fix during the cold winter months!

Tim’s Food Rukus

One of Bozeman’s best food trucks is Tim’s Food Rukus.  Tim has been a chef in Bozeman for over 20 years and offers classic and new versions of everyone’s favorite burgers and sandwiches using local ingredients.  They can be found most weekdays for lunch in Four Corners at SCS Wraps and evenings at Outlaw Brewing.  The french fries are not to be missed and save room for dessert because they have ice cream sandwiches made with homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Blue Smoke Barbeque

This is Bozeman’s only 100% woodsmoked barbeque and you can usually smell the deliciousness as you get close.  The Blue Smoke Barbeque truck will be spending Wednesday through Friday in Three Forks this summer with times updated on their Facebook page.  They feature ribs, chicken, pork and brisket.   

Grille 406

Looking for something truly Montana?  How about elk nuggets or a bison burger?  Grille 406 has that covered and more…including mahi-mahi or pork.  They can be found all over town at various events, keep an eye on their Facebook page for when and where!

Pad Thai Food Truck

High quality, delicious Thai food can be found at Pad Thai Food Truck  They’re easy to find…the orange truck with the Buddha on the side!  For the summer they can be found at Outlaw Brewing many evenings as well as events throughout town, including Music in the Mountains in Big Sky.  They have a variety of curries, rice and noodles.  When you have your next Thai food craving, this is the place to go.  Yum!

Mo’ Bowls

Mac-N-Cheese anyone?  Who doesn’t love this ultimate comfort food?!  Mo’Bowls takes it to the next level with a variety of fusion Mac bowls including their famous deep fried mac balls with bacon (is your mouth watering yet??)  These guys wander all over Bozeman and are often found somewhere downtown. Follow them on their Facebook page to watch the schedule.  What's really exciting about Mo' Bowls is they also opened a storefront so you can go anytime you get a craving!  Located right next to Staples in the Albertson's shopping complex.  

Chef's Table Food Truck

This husband-wife chef team is the only kitchen on wheels in Montana, equipped with a full prep kitchen and bathroom inside!  They also feature a Traeger wood firing smoker that can be used for special events.  They specialize in American cuisine cooking simple food with the highest ingredients.  Fan favorites are the Cuban sandwich, bacon cheese fries and donut grilled cheese (yes it is as delicious as it sounds).  They are generally at Zoot on Monday's, the Bootbarn Tuesdays-Thursday and Quantel Lason on Fridays.  They can also be found downtown on weekends occasionally, and most likely more often as we head into spring and summer.  You can find out more about them and their schedule on their Facebook page.  


Rendezvous was another one of the first food trucks to hit the Bozeman scene.  They feature all kinds of crepes for breakfast and lunch plus local coffee.  They use Montana meats and veggies and can be found over on N. Wallace.  Perfect for a warm day to sit outside and enjoy relaxed seating on their little patio. 

Sauce Food Truck

At Sauce you can a little bit of everything!  Sandwiches, tacos, frites, dumplings, egg rolls and more.  They can be found throughout town and at various Bozeman events.  They also do a lot of catering, so keep an eye out for them at weddings this summer!

Street Cooker

This Bozeman food truck creates comfort fusion food.  All of their dishes are handmade and locally sourced.  They have delicious Italian you will find things like handmade pasta and deep fried calzones on the menu.  For dessert, make sure to try a beer brownie!  They can be found around town with a few set times at some local businesses.  Find their schedule here.

Totally Tasty Catering

This is a Big Sky food truck so you'll mainly find them at Big Sky events, but they do come to Bozeman often.  They source their ingredients locally and have an awesome menu that focuses on various types of sliders...from Wagyu beef to caprese.    They also have an inside-out grilled cheese that is SO good.  Follow them on Facebook to see where they'll be on any given day.  

Low-Key Sandwiches

What used to be the big red bus known as Heap Burger in the Kenyon Noble parking lot is now the beautifully re-painted home of Low-Key Sandwiches.  They offer sandwiches (obviously), burgers and breakfast burritos.  They're open every day but Saturday and Sunday from 7am-4pm.

Vogue Mobile Fashion Truck 

We know, this isn't a food truck but they just can’t be left off the list because they are fantastic!  This fashion truck brings a new take to shopping.  You’ll see them at various spots around Bozeman, especially at events this summer.  Vogue brings funky, fresh fashion with fun accessories, hats, bags and more.  Follow them on facebook to know where to find them!


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