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Homes for Sale in Bozeman’s First Cohousing Community

Homes for Sale in Bozeman’s First Cohousing Community

On May 23, 2023

While the Bozeman Cohousing Project has been in the works for years, the first homes for sale in this unique community came on the market this spring.

The Bozeman Cohousing community is located on a 5.3-acre property on the south side of Bozeman, near the intersection of Graf, South 3rd Ave, and Wagon Wheel Road. The neighborhood is offering a unique style of living for its residents based on the idea of sharing resources to live more sustainably and support each other.

According to the project’s website, the Bozeman Cohousing community is made up of private homes with a shared common house for nightly meals and activities as well as shared gardens, pathways, and other amenities. There are a number of different types of homes in the community including townhomes, studios, and condos that are built with sustainability in mind. Many of the homes have been sold privately, but a few did come on the market.

Here is what was on the market in Bozeman's cohousing community. 

3110 Wagon Wheel Road #41

Studio |  $309,473

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3122 Wagon Wheel Road #13

2BD | 1.5 BA |  $608,637

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Visit for more information. Property boundary lines are approximate. 

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