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Bozeman Homes For Sale in Bridger Canyon

Bozeman Homes For Sale in Bridger Canyon

On Nov 17, 2023

Bridger Canyon, located in Bozeman, Montana, is home to some of the most quintessential Montana homes in the valley. The area boasts large, rustic-style homes surrounded by the Bridger Mountains - what could be more Montana than that? It's an ideal location as it offers the best of both worlds - living in the country while being close to downtown Bozeman. Additionally, Bridger Bowl is practically a neighbor, making it perfect for skiing enthusiasts. Bridger Canyon has always been an expensive area for Bozeman real estate, and during the past few years, due to increased demand, prices have risen even further. In October 2023, the median sales price of a single-family home in Bridger Canyon was $2 million. Here's a list of homes that are currently available for sale.

Looking for land in Montana to build your dream home? Bridger Canyon should be on your list! When land comes up for sale in the Bridger Canyon area it often comes with acreage. Here are the current land listings for sale in Bridger Canyon.

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