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Best Sledding in Bozeman

Best Sledding in Bozeman

On Nov 16, 2017

Looking for the best places to go sledding in Bozeman? We've got them all right here!

1. Peets Hill

A Bozeman classic. This sledding hill is not for the faint of heart. With a large number of sledding enthusiasts hitting it each day, it gets slick & bumpy. Watch out for the man-made jumps, those will send you flying! If you err on the cautious side, try climbing up only halfway or sledding off to the side of the main runs.

2. Lindley Park

This is a great alternative for those not wanting the thrills of Peets Hill. Just steps away in Lindley park there are plenty of sloping hills, perfect for the little ones. Just watch out for the trees!

3. Snowfill Dog Park

If you want to sled with the pups, this is the perfect place! Snowfill has a great, moderate hill perfect for kids. Just to the right of that hill you’ll find a bit more excitement. Just be careful of the ditch at the bottom!

4. Gallatin County Regional Park

This is a great place for the whole family. The hill near the lakes is used for sledding in the winter, perfect for every age! Like Peet's Hill this one has become very popular, making it a little slick at times so be careful on those busy days.

5. Hyalite

There are endless launch points here. The hills that surround the parking lot are great for the little ones. For a bit more excitement, try having a contest to see who can slide the furthest onto the frozen lake. But, be sure to wait until the lake is completely frozen over!

6. Kirk Park

The hill the skate park is on becomes a great sledding hill in the winter. Not too big, but steep enough for kids to go flying down!

7. Neighborhood Parks

Sometimes the best sledding hills are the ones that aren't the most obvious. Many parks tucked into the various neighborhoods in town have great little hills for sledding. These are always nice when you find them because they aren't crowded or as big as some of the local hills (perfect for the little kids!)

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