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9 Properties for Sale That Could Have a Big Impact on Bozeman

9 Properties for Sale That Could Have a Big Impact on Bozeman

On Apr 30, 2019

While there are many properties on the market in Bozeman, there are a few that stand out as potential developments that could have a big impact on the city of Bozeman. From luxury residential buildings to probable subdivisions, check out these properties currently for sale in Bozeman.

714 E Mendenhall | .51 Acres | $2,800,000

According to the listing description, this will be the most exclusive mid-rise residential offering in downtown Bozeman. Plans for a 5 story, mixed-use building just one block from Main Street include 10 luxury residential units, office, and commercial space. The half-acre lot is listed for $2,800,000 and that price includes the architectural plans for the mixed-use building.

Listed by: Brett Evje & Mike Schlauch, Pure West Christie's

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3223 Durston | 145 Acres | $10,875,000

Once a farm on the outskirts of town, this 145-acre property is now in the center of one of Bozeman’s fastest growing areas on the West side. Located adjacent to the Laurel Glen subdivision, the zoning of this property is unknown, making its future unknown. However, the listing description states that this is an opportunity to create one of Bozeman's most "attractive new neighborhoods".

Listed by: Dan Porter, Bozeman Brokers

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TBD Hyalite Canyon | 63.6 Acres | $1,575,000

The sale of this property may not have a direct effect on Bozeman, but it is a significant sale none the less. If you’ve driven up to Hyalite Canyon, you’ve driven through this property. There are more than 63 acres for sale here, including the iconic red barn to the west of Hyalite Canyon Road, a ½ mile of access to Hyalite Creek and beautiful forested areas and meadows.

Listed by: Mike Basile, Berkshire Hathaway

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TBD Village Downtown | 3.408 Acres | $3,975,000

Most people are familiar with the Village Downtown development as it exists today, but this property for sale will change all that. This 3.4-acre property is approved by the city for two 5-story buildings, adding 86 residences to The Village Downtown.

Listed by: Mike Basile, Berkshire Hathway & Michael Delaney, Delaney & Co.

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TBD Cedar Street | 36.03 Acres | $4,600,000

According to the listing description, this is the largest urban infill development available inside Bozeman City limits. With the 36+ acres of land zoned as M-2 manufacturing and industrial, it will be interesting to see what this property becomes.

Listed by: Nolan Campbell

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TBD N 15th | 1.02 Acres | $750,000

Sitting right on one of Bozeman’s busiest streets, this 1+ acre commercial lot is the last commercial lot available in the area. Located on Oak & 15th Ave, this property is zoned as R-O residential office which is meant to encourage multihousehold and apartment developments with professional offices and businesses.

Listed by: Thomas Starner, Gene Cook Real Estate

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2007 Wheat Drive | 6.43 Acres | $1,575,000

Located prominently off the I-90 interstate near the North 7th Avenue exit, this 6.43-acre property is zoned as commercial land, meaning there are many possibilities for development in this high traffic area.

Listed by: John Angst, Vellinga Real Estate & Alicia Rutz, Small Dog Realty

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2102 W. Babcock | 1.05 Acres | $1,400,000

If you’ve been around Bozeman for a while, you may remember the old JB’s Restaurant. That was torn down in 2012, and since then the land has sat empty. The property has been on and off the market since 2012 and is now listed for $1,400,000. It is zoned as commercial land and could potentially be a convenience store, retail store or restaurant among other things.

Listed by: Erin Mandeville, Big Sky Sotheby's

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137 E Babcock | 9,300 sq.ft | $2,200,000

This historic downtown commercial building has been operating as Gallatin Laundry since the early 1900s. It is now listed for sale and the future of the building is unclear. Click here to take a tour of the inside of the building.

Listed by: Thomas Starner, Gene Cook Real Estate

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