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5 Funniest Real Estate Videos Ever

5 Funniest Real Estate Videos Ever

On Dec 19, 2019

When it comes to real estate, sometimes you've got to have a sense of humor. There are a lot of "funny real estate videos" out there, but if we're being honest, it’s hard to find the good ones! We dug through all the real estate music videos, parodies, and reenactments and pulled together this list of the 5 funniest real estate videos ever.

#1. Ellen Talks Real Estate

The Ellen Show is always full of laughs, but her segments on real estate are some of the funniest we’ve seen. In this one, she shows us some of the funniest real estate marketing fails out there.

#2. Modern Family Phil Dunphy Career Day

If you’re a Modern Family fan, you already know that Phil Dunphy is one of the hardest working real estate agents in Los Angeles. There are so many funny real estate moments in this show, but the one where Phil goes to his son's school for career day is definitely our favorite.

#3. Being a Real Estate Agent is Easy

People have a lot of assumptions about how easy it is to be a real estate agent. This video does a great job of pointing out all those things people say about how easy it is to be in real estate.

#4. Sh*t Real Estate Agent Say

The Real Deal put together this funny real estate video on Sh*t real estate agents in New York City say. Our favorite one-liner from the video? “this Uber is going to cost me more than the commission.”

#5. Emotions Only Real Estate Agents Will Understand

This funny real estate video combines real estate struggles with Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting. If you are a real estate agent you will get a real laugh out of this one.


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