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Nate is a central Iowa native and sold real estate there for over 13 years prior to moving to Montana in early 2020. He loves the real estate industry as it melds together a number of his passions, including construction, architecture, home improvement projects, investing, education, and helping people pursue their lifestyles. At the core of Nate’s practice are clear communication, high attention to detail, and an education-centric approach. He believes that every client deserves an agent they can relate to and trust, and a transaction that is confident and transparent from beginning to end.

After years of vacationing to the mountain ranges of the American west, Nate decided that Bozeman encompassed the midwest values he treasured while offering the highly adventurous lifestyle he desired. In his spare time, he can be found hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, playing board games, shooting pool competitively, and spending time with his golden retriever, Penny.

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"Nate Bock with Bozeman Real Estate made the purchase of a home in a booming market as easy as one can expect. He was very realistic with what I needed vs what I could afford. There came a point where we were on the phone multiple times a day, everyday for a month working on finding a place, touring, and putting in offers. He even spent an entire weekend with me personally, driving around and looking at places getting an idea of what would be fitting of my needs. There were plenty of times I would have painted myself into a corner had I been on my own or with a less experienced agent. Plenty of "just breathe for a second I know its hectic but don't give up" coming from him. If Nate says something is worth a look, its worth a look.

If Nate Bock is a reflection of Bozeman Real Estate Group as a whole, then I would trust just about everyone there."

"Nate Bock, at Bozeman Real Estate Group, was such a pleasure to work with. I've worked with quite a few real estate agents in various markets throughout my life. Most are either friendly or professional. I can only remember two that were genuinely both. Nate is among that rare breed. I felt entirely comfortable with him and entirely confident that he was focused on our best interests. This was particularly impressive when we bought our condo in Bozeman, last summer, because it was a very active market and a busy time for everyone involved. I give Nate my highest recommendations without any reservations whatsoever."

"Nate tirelessly worked with us for 6 months to find us our dream home in Bozeman. We all know it's a competitive market here in Montana, and Nate was always incredibly responsive and on top of things to make sure we could see a home as soon as something caught our eye. He is professional, but also personable. We appreciate his patience in our process, and we are in love with our first home. I would recommend Nate to anyone looking to buy in Bozeman!"

"I had an excellent buyer experience working with Nate Bock! He was very helpful with navigating a rather competitive market to ensure we put together a strong offer while still making sure I was comfortable with all aspects of the offer. Bonus points for his knowledge of residential construction. Felt like I had a home inspector with me when we toured homes!"

"As many of you may know, the housing market in the nation is insanely competitive and that is no different in Bozeman, MT. However, I got lucky and had Nate Bock as my realtor, and I am so happy we crossed paths. Not only is Nate very knowledgeable, but he makes it a priority to share that knowledge with you as a homebuyer so you can make the correct choice and have the best chances to land a home. Nate never once got discouraged when our offers weren't accepted and, afterwards, he was always ready to hit the ground running! Not to mention, Nate is very responsive and ready to turn on a dime when necessary. (Just please mind his time too, he like anyone else loves enjoying our beautiful outdoors!) Thank you Nate for helping me land a home for my family and I, and cheers to our future celebratory beers on future home purchases!"

"My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Nate Bock in purchasing two properties in Bozeman. We purchased both of these properties sight unseen via FaceTime in the span of two weeks. It worked just fine due to Nate’s attention to detail and ability to provide real commentary on the properties. You know he isn’t trying to sugar coat anything. Although the market is swift we luckily won both of our offers on the first attempt . We were doing a 1031 exchange so he understood the purchases were for investment and not our forever home and didn’t seem to mind my rattling off of numbers and request for additional details . Nate has great energy which I appreciate as someone who honestly can be a lot. You would never know that Nate hasn’t lived in Bozeman all that long considering his breadth of knowledge of the area. We whole heartedly recommend Nate Bock to assist in the purchase or sale of your property."

"Thank you Nate Block. This guy is the ultimate professional. Always has his eyes on the ball. I give him ten stars!"

"Nate Bock is a clear and professional communicator and was super supportive as we made a cross-country relocation to Bozeman. He is a skilled listener, has a deep understanding of the housing market, and encouraged us to approach this search from a variety of different angles. I can imagine him handling all kinds of clients because he is so very good at tailoring his service to your needs. Few things are more stressful than moving, but he made this feel possible without unnecessary stress. I love where we live, and that's thanks to him!"

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