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Kate Hulbert

Marketing Ninja

Email: kate@bozemanrealestate.group
Phone: 406.587.1717
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As a born and raised Montanan, it took living abroad for Kate to truly appreciate the place we call home. She does not continue to live in Montana because she was born here, she has chosen to live here because the mountains, rivers, and trails of Montana are where she finds her peace.

After graduating from Bozeman High School, Kate was convinced that she would move, quickly, out of Montana. After all the camping, fishing, and hiking of her childhood, she had turned into a teenager who had little to no interest in strapping on a pair of hiking boots. That was until she spent a college semester living in the second-largest city in France. Crowded subways, sidewalks and stores, traffic, and little escape to nature quickly taught her that she was, in fact, a Montanan at heart.

These days, while Kate still very much loves to travel, she also loves to come home to beautiful Montana. As the marketing director for Bozeman Real Estate Group, she feels lucky to be in a position that allows for the perfect blend of her love for Montana, graphic design, SEO, digital marketing, and yes, excel spreadsheets.

“I spend almost every free moment I have enjoying Bozeman and Montana in some way; hiking and exploring the mountains, skiing, or kayaking the rivers.”

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