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Angela Jamison

Marketing Ninja

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Angie has been doing marketing for real estate in the Bozeman area for over thirteen years, so knows a thing or two about the crazy market we have here. As a native to this beautiful place, she has also seen the tremendous growth over the years. While she occasionally misses the sleepy town Bozeman used to be, she can appreciate all this growth has brought to the community. She couldn’t imagine raising her daughters anywhere other than lovely Bozeman where they can play in the mountains, swim in cold rivers and run on the trails.

When Angie’s not busy making our listings look their best or writing blogs about Bozeman and the world of real estate, you can find her with her family, on a yoga mat, in the mountains or dreaming of beach vacations during winter.

“I love Bozeman for many, many reasons but mainly because it is home.

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