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Best Christmas Lights in Bozeman

Best Christmas Lights in Bozeman

There is something so festive about driving around town on a winter evening checking out Christmas light displays.  Put holiday tunes on the radio, bring some hot cocoa and take a drive through Bozeman while getting into the holiday spirit.  Here's a list of the best places to see Christmas lights in Bozeman. Scroll to the bottom for a map of all the places on this list!

1.  Downtown Bozeman

For the classic Christmas display experience, a drive down Main Street is a must.  The stores are decorated, the lampposts have lights strung and of course the four spider lights at each intersection.  For locals, the downtown lights give a nostalgic feel of old Bozeman.  Make sure to go to the corner of Main and Rouse to see the big pines lit up in the Soroptomist Park.  Stay in the downtown vicinity and drive through the historic neighborhoods (especially Willson Avenue!) to see the beautiful homes and light displays.  


2.  S. 3rd Avenue

On the south side of Kagy, take S. 3 and continue on to Wagon Wheel.  From there go west on any of the neighborhood streets to enjoy some Christmas lights and luminaries.  On Christmas Eve the neighborhood lights them up, but there are always a few on the days leading up to that.  Even if they aren't lit, this is a good neighborhood for scouting lights!


3.  8670 Fowler Lane

This one basically feels like Santa's workshop.  There are so many lights and inflatables as you drive through.  Keep an eye out for the Grinch!


4.  313 Powder River Ave

For the past several years, this has been a go-to stop for Christmas lights!  You can see the flashing lights as you turn on to the street.  Once you have a good spot, tune into the radio station they show you in the yard and watch the lights dance to the holiday music.  Definitely, one not to miss!  In fact, you'll probably end up staying at this one for a few songs.


5.  4486 Shadow Glen Drive

This has to be the best-decorated house in Bozeman, or at the very least the most decorated house!  Seriously, there isn't one square inch of the yard that isn't filled with a holiday inflatable.  The house is covered in lights, as is the roof.  That's not all!  The inside of the garage looks like Santa's workshop.  This house is a must-see for Christmas!


6.  Emerson Cultural Center

Okay, this one isn't a huge Christmas display but there's something about the big pine tree in front of this historic building all lit up that feels so festive!  If you've got some extra time, go inside to the Emerson Grill for a drink because the inside of the building gives you all the Christmas feels.  


7.  Baxter Meadows and Baxter Meadows West Subdivisions

There isn't a specific home in these neighborhoods that are decorated.  There are several throughout that are tastefully decorated and have the classic Christmas vibe.  On Ferguson Avenue there are fun inflatables for the kids and as you wind around the streets there are lots of lights.  


8.  Sundance Springs and West Meadow Subdivisions

Like the previous suggestion, there isn't a specific home in these neighborhoods.  In general, they both tend to have nice Christmas light displays throughout and are a good one to drive through on the south end of town.  


9.  Montana Hall

The center of campus glows with the lights on Montana Hall.  You can drive by and get fairly close to see the lights, but this is also a good spot to stretch your legs and a walk up to see it closer.  


10.  Landmark Subdivision, Belgrade

Take the quick drive out to Belgrade to Landmark Subdivision.  The whole subdivision is lit up with Christmas spirit!

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