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5th and Main Residences - New Development Planned in Downtown Bozeman, Montana

5th and Main Residences - New Development Planned in Downtown Bozeman, Montana

On Apr 21, 2023

We knew something was coming when we saw a longtime Bozeman business, Bamboo Gardens close its doors. After that, their neighbor Genuine Ice Cream started posting on social media that they were looking for a new home. Now, plans have been approved for a new building at the corner of 5th and Main in downtown Bozeman.

The 6-story mixed-use apartment building will include 121 residential units on the top 5 floors along with retail and office space on the 1st level.  The open space that is required for this type of development will include a rooftop deck and balconies for the residential. 

Reuter-Walton Development out of Minnesota wants to create a denser development in this area of downtown Bozeman since most of the development currently underway is in the center of downtown like The Merin and North Central.

The apartment will be a mix of studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Included in the building will be a gym, hot tub, and co-working space. Price points have not been set but the developer is planning for them to be on the higher end.

We will update this information as it is provided. 

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