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You Know you Grew Up in Bozeman if…

You Know you Grew Up in Bozeman if…

The joys of growing up in Bozeman are many.  Any native or longtime local will agree.  There’s a whole new generation of kids growing up who won’t understand what old Bozeman was.  This is okay, they’ll have their own, new version.  For those that were lucky enough to grow up back in the day (as they say), you will most likely remember…

1.  Having birthday parties at Skate Palace.  Remember getting to ride in the giant red roller skate?  The best!

2.  When Gibsons and Kmart were the go to stores.  Kmart always being the better choice as a kid because you got to ride the merry-go-round out front

3.  Having salad bar and pizza at the original Village Inn.  Playing in the game room and watching old movies on their big screen

4.  Riding the one and only escalator in town at Sylvester’s

5.  Watching movies at the drive-in on N. 7th.  And, then riding go-carts there years later

6.  When you would have to drive to Billings for school clothes shopping each year

7.  Saying “I’ll meet you at the polar bear” was a regular part of your vocabulary when meeting friends at the mall (red carpet, anyone?!)

8.  Getting giant jawbreakers and fireballs at Charlies

9.  When the Caravan, Accents West and Rising Sun Leather were the best stores downtown

10.  Going to the Ramada Inn to ride the waterslide with friends

11.  Not only was camping up Hyalite a possibility, you could actually do it on a weekend night.  In the middle of summer

12.  You went to middle school, aka 5th and 6th grade, at the Willson.  Or elementary school at the Emerson.  Even better, you went to the Holy Rosary Catholic High School before it was the Law & Justice building

13.  When people say they are staying at the Lark, all you can think of is when it was the old Imperial Inn

14.  You went to movies at the Campus Square, Ellen or Rialto.  Bonus if you went to the Cinemas on the corner of Main and 8th and most likely went to Hardee’s afterward

15.  JB's and 4B's 

Let’s go back really far…anyone remember when the Rialto was a post office?  

Oh, how we love Bozeman.




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