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Old Bozeman vs. New Bozeman

Old Bozeman vs. New Bozeman

Love it or hate it the growth in Bozeman is real and in the past five years, the growth has felt like it is transforming the town more than ever.  This is all the more evident for those who have lived here for a while and like to affectionately refer to it as old Bozeman vs. new Bozeman. 

Old Bozeman - There were no breweries (unless you count the time Spanish Peaks Brewing Company was around)
New Bozeman - There are nearly a dozen breweries and they are always full (don’t even bother trying to get a patio seat at Map on a sunny afternoon)

Old Bozeman - A Subaru or pickup truck are the cars of choice
New Bozeman - You see an awful lot of Audi's and Land Rover's around town

Old Bozeman - If you decide to camp on a Saturday morning you could just throw a tent in the back of the car, head up Hyalite and find a spot
New Bozeman - Reserve a spot 6 months in advance online and get one only if you are very lucky.  6 months later, take your Sprinter van to your spot

Old Bozeman - Anywhere in town was a 5-10 minute drive
New Bozeman - Depending on traffic and road construction you need to plan 20 minutes to get anywhere.  And, don’t get us started on grouchy drivers…we miss the days of no road rage

Old Bozeman - Get out to the mountains on weekends to hike, hunt, bike, camp or fish
New Bozeman - Get out to the mountains for the perfect Instagram photo

Old Bozeman - If you went out to breakfast it was either the Western or Perkins
New Bozeman - Wait at least an hour for brunch at Jam

Old Bozeman - $5 ski days at Bridger Bowl!
New Bozeman - Get $5 beer at the lodge

Old Bozeman - You always run into someone you know when out and about
New Bozeman - You know from social media that people you know still live in Bozeman, but you never see them

Old Bozeman - Downtown was home to some classics, we miss Leaf and Bean so much!
New Bozeman - The chains are making their way to downtown, for example-Lululemon

Old Bozeman - The Baxter and Bozeman Hotel were the tallest buildings in Bozeman (along with North and South Hedges!)
New Bozeman - The new mixed-use developments and hotels going up all over town are changing the entire skyline

Luckily there are some things about Bozeman that don’t change.  Things like the value placed on the quality of life.  Where getting out to nature is a priority as is supporting local businesses, events and nonprofits.  It's a place where you help out your neighbors and welcome newcomers, even if it's hard to see your town change.

Old Bozeman, new's still an amazing place to call home. 


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