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Coffee Shops in Bozeman

Coffee Shops in Bozeman

Coffee.  It's what gets us going on cold, Bozeman mornings in the middle of January.  It's what helps the college students pull an all-nighter before finals.  Bozeman is a coffee town and whether you predictably hit the same drive-thru each morning or adventure to different coffee shops searching for the perfect latte, you always know there are plenty to choose from.  There is always Starbucks or City Brew but Bozeman loves a local coffee shop for the awesome customer service, unique vibes and of course for top quality coffee.  Here are our favorites.  


Recently under new management and votes #1 coffeehouse in Bozone for several years and running, Wild Joe's has become a staple in downtown Bozeman.  Not only is the coffee fantastic, they have plenty of seating for catching up with friends or watching live music on the weekends.  They don't stop at coffee, at Wild Joe's they have pastries, pizza, and ice cream!  On a hot summer day, the line will be down the block to get ice cream at the Bozeman Creamery/Victory Taco truck.  Don't waste your time...go to Wild Joe's, get a scoop from the back of the shop and be on your way to enjoying your day!  


Zocalo began as a for-profit business to support an orphanage in Guatemala.  Yes, they not only have amazing coffee and a super cool atmosphere, they also are involved in something amazing!  Zocalo Coffee House returns a share of their profits to the country that produces the best product.  Their espresso roast is handpicked in Guatemala.  They try to unite the resources of Bozeman with Guatemala through student-based adventure travel, Zocalo Abroad.  This is so cool.  Located right in the heart of downtown Bozeman, stop in next time and know your latte is doing more than just getting your morning going.  Recently Zocalo began serving beer along with coffee so now they pretty much have everything.  


One of Bozeman's original coffee shops!  The Daily Coffee Bar has been around since 1993 with their location on the corner of College and 11th.  Lucky for Bozeman they expanded a couple years ago with a second location off Oak Street near Rouse.  The quality and consistency of the Daily never disappoints and in a town that seems to be changing quickly, it's nice to have some things stay the same.  The pastries and baked goods are made fresh with a focus on local, organic ingredients.  Can't go wrong with that!


If you are looking for a lot of seating for your next study or meet-up group, Coldsmoke is the place to go.  With two locations, one seating 170 and the other seating 215, it is fair to say there is a lot of room.  Not to mention private meeting rooms available at no extra charge.  The free wifi is extra fast, there are in-house baked goods, super friendly baristas, drive-thru's, outdoor seating at the Woodland Park location and did we mention the coffee is delicious?  It is, and as if that wasn't enough one of the reasons they started in the first place was to give back internationally and locally.  They work with El Porvenir to provide clean water to people in Nicaragua which is a great organization.  


With a beautiful new downtown location, Rockford is an obvious choice for your morning coffee.  Two locations, one in the middle of downtown and the other at the corner of Main and Rouse. They are all about the coffee here, roasting their own and serving it alongside fresh-baked pastries, bagels and grilled panini's.  If you haven't been in their new shop, it's worth swinging by next time you are nearby to check it out.  


Another coffee roaster in a new location!  Treeline Coffee Roasters was formerly Little Red Wagon so they certainly aren't new to the coffee world.  They have a beautiful new roasting room over on North Wallace that is open every day and they have food also.  They source coffees seasonally to bring us unique flavors in each cup of java.   If you can't make it to Treeline, you can buy their coffee at many of the local grocery stores and keep an eye out for them at events like the Bogart Farmers Market.


The south end of town is home to one of the bigger coffee shops in Bozeman. Actually, Sola is much more than just a coffee shop, they serve a fantastic lunch and dinner (including beer & wine), have to-die-for desserts and a great little market with everything from milk to local artists work.  Everything they make is from scratch with a focus on locally sourced ingredients which is why everything tastes so amazing here.  They also have a drive-thru and a wonderful outside patio for summertime.  


Tucked up near campus is International Coffee Traders, a popular spot for students to study.  They roast on site, small batch coffees that are comprised of the highest quality, organic beans from unique regions.  Their pastries are made from scratch and the atmosphere is industrial cool (think bicycle hanging from the ceiling and light fixtures made out of repurposed wine bottles!) Bonus-occasionally in the summer they have ice cream sandwiches made from homemade cookies for a buck.  You simply cannot beat that!!

This is only a small sampling of Bozeman Coffee Shops, there are more so if you are looking for a tip on where to go, give our office a call...everyone here has a favorite they'll tell you about!!  


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