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2018 Can the Griz Collection Sites in Bozeman

2018 Can the Griz Collection Sites in Bozeman

It's that time of year again, time to Can the Griz!  This will be the 19th annual Can the Griz/Can the Bobcats Food Drive, a friendly competition with our Missoula neighbors to see who can collect the most donations for their local food bank.  Each year, two weeks before the Brawl of the Wild both communities gather donations to see who can get the most with the winner announced at half-time.  Bozeman has won 15 of the 18 years, last year being a record year of 257,336 pounds of food plus $131,757!  

There are several ways you can participate in Canning the Griz this year!  The easiest of course being, to donate food.  There are several drop-off sites throughout town, here are a few of the easiest/best collection sites.


We are proud to be a sponsor of Can the Griz this year!  We have a bin to collect food in the front lobby of our new office at 389 S. Ferguson Avenue.  Swing by and check out our new building and drop off a donation!  If you come in November 12th - 16th, bring in 5 cans of food AND like our Facebook page you will get a FREE gold and blue winter hat, just in time for the big game!  (While supplies last) 


If you are on the east side of town, the library is a convenient location to drop off your donations.


If you are on the west side of town, the mall is a convenient location to drop off your donations.  


Several of Bozeman's breweries are collection sites this year.  Take in some donations and grab a beer!  406 Brewing, Bozeman Brewing, Bunkhouse Brewery and White Dog Brewing will all be drop-off spots this year


Many of the local schools get in on the fun of Can the Griz.  Some even have their own friendly competition such as the two Bozeman middle schools competing to see which can collect more.  Hyalite and Meadowlark Elementary are also collecting as well as Heck/Quaw in Belgrade.  Send your donations in with the kids!

For a full list of collection sites, click here

Local grocery stores will be having specific food drive days, so plan your grocery shopping that day for an easy way to pick up a couple things for Can the Griz while you're shopping and not have to deliver it anywhere.  These will take place every weekday and Sundays from November 3rd-17th.  Click here for the schedule. 

There are other ways to help Can the Griz.  They always need volunteers to help hand out wish lists at the grocery stores, pick up food donations, deliver to the food bank and help with donations on game day.  You can visit the Can the Griz website to schedule volunteer times.  

Come on Bozeman, let's Can the Griz again this year!  

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